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- A -

Ablater (Simon Howes)    
 Desert Lynx                       Pretoria, South Africa
 Ablater is a tall male lynx of honour and pride, he sports green eyes and bad habbits
 of digesting postal agents. He loves all furs and especially humans, with white wine,
 that is. Ablater is no longer on MUCK's, but can be found on Yiffnet and sometimes on
 FurToonia. Ablater loves all furs, and likes all people. He dislikes being so far from
 other furries. He hates the Telecoms monopoly in his country and urges telephone
 companies to come in and save him!

Alexandrvs (See Tentaclees)

Aloyen / NightEyes (Roger Wilber, Jr.)       
 Male Brown Bear / Panther         Watervliet, NY
 Aloyen has previously been known as MoonDancer (owl), Valhal (bear/ursynx) and
 Obelisk (demon/panther). He has been on FurryMUCK for 5 years now. His adress is
 207 13th St, 2nd Fl, Watervliet, NY 12189 and he runs Albany AnthroCon.

Alizerin (Robert Bentley)    
 Male Kasarian                     Warwick, RI
 A Kasarian is a Tiger Species. Alizerin is the owner of Alizerin's Den, a bar
 on the fringes of space. He's single, can wield magic and is an expert swordsman.
 He's 6'2" with dark red fur and hazel eyes. Character is based on the writings of
 the author. IRL likes to write and draw in his spare time. Collects comics, watches
 Sci-Fi and Anime.

Alpha (Jason Fye)                Webpage N/A
 Wolf Morph                        Williamville, NY
 Alpha is a male anthro-wolf. He is about 6 foot 5 inch in height and weighs about
 155 pounds. His grey grizzled fur covers his body, fading to white at the tummy.
 His large bushy tail flows behind, well groomed, inviting a pet. True to his form
 he is naked except a pendant worn around his large, furred neck. His steps are
 graceful, muscles can be seen through the fur as his body is well toned and fit.

Amara (Amy Pronovost)
 Female Vulpine                    Canada
 Amara is a cute happy-go-lucky female foxmorph.  She has fur the same color
 of orange as the sunset and her paws, muzzle, chin, chest and tail are a nice
 creamy white. She is completely OOC most of the time. Bigger fan of Star Wars
 and general comics than will ever be of furry. She's hoping to get a job at
 Dark Horse doing Star Wars comics.


 E-mail N/A                         Webpage N/A
 Male Vulpes Vulpes (Red Fox)       Redlands, California
 Ashtar is a five foot tall red fox wearing a black cloak and a 
 cast iron mask. He wants to bring doom and woe upon the universe.
 He can be found on FurryMUCK and is a completley uncute fur.
 He's a supervilain and prefers females.

Athena (Andy Mancini)                 Webpage N/A
 Female Feline                     Rochester, Pennsylvania
 A very complex furry who believes she has a past even though she cannot remember
 it. She is 5'7" and and has white fur.  She rules masses of people like a Greek
 god would. She wears a collar she cannot take off. Not on any MUCKs yet. She likes
 old milk, tall buildings, and human torture.

Atrox (See Simba)

Austin Dern (Joseph Nebus)          
 Male Coati                        Troy, New York
 Austin is a nonanthro ringtailed coati; he looks something like a thin,
 ruddy raccoon with a long, rubbery nose and very long, ringed tail. He is
 not a toon, but he is Canadian. He can be found on Brazilian Dreams,
 FurryMUCK, FurToonia, and FluffMUCK. Austin doesn't plan to TinyPlot but
 is not opposed to the idea.

Azrei (Dawn Tolbert)        Webpage N/A
 Female Alaskan Timber Wolf       Tuckerton, New Jersey
 Azrei is 29 and can be found on FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, SPR, and Furry Fuzz.
 Founder and Counsellor at A/O RL Counselling on FurryMUCK (tport aoc).
 Preferably OOC, no TSing, and very little TP.

- B -

BanWynn (See Oakshadow)

Bear (See Blaze)

Beast  Webpage N/A
 Male (See below)                  Lake Buena Vista, FL
 Beast is 30% Wolf, 30% Bear, 10% Buffalo, 5% Boar, 10% Lion, 5% Gorilla, 5% Ibis,
 and 5% Human. He's 7'0" Tall, apx.600lbs., overall amber brown body color with
 deep brown markings and grey horns just behind the ears. Loves all the classics
 and some modern. Overall good personality, can be tempermental.

Behlen (Pete Ruesch)
 Equisaurian                       West Lafayette, IN
 Behlen is basically a dinosaur morph who looks most like a velociraptor
 but he has a few equine features, most notably a large horse's mane.

Benson (See Malia)

BlackeMyste (See G'razel)

Blaze / Gatsby / Bear / Rosen Otter (Andrew Greene)                  Webpage N/A
 Male Silkie/Skiltaire/Bear/Otter  Coatesville, PA
 He uses FurryMUCK, FurToonia, and is a wizard on RealmsMUCK, which he says
 is a very friendly place that's looking for more players and builders.
 He's male and gay, altho in VR is more bisexual than in RL. Blaze will get
 involved with medical roleplaying, as he's a doctor-type Silkie.

Blue-Blade (See Holst)

Brandyn (Chris Adams)               Webpage N/A
 Male Morphic Red Fox               Massachusetts (ST)
 He can be found on FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, SPR, and Yiffnet IRC.
 Pref: Funloving, slightly evil and bent.

Bungee / Junior / WizardWolf (Ray Dyer) / (?)
 Male Skunk / Skunk / Werewolf     Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Bungee has a facination in the natural scent of skunks, and his
 sexual preference is male-only in a gay relationship.
 Bungee has a real bottle of skunk musk which he enjoys greatly.

BusterBunny / Buster_Bunny (Floyd Z. Yancey) 
 Male Toon Bunny                   Memphis, Tennessee
 Buster Bunny is a small blue rabbit with a white stomach and a partially
 white face. He is about 3 feet tall, and has abnormally large feet for 
 his size. He's an old timer on FurryMuck, a wizard on ShadowMuck, and
 is on just about any other muck where you can find a BusterBunny.

- C -

Calypso (Jason Emery)                 Webpage N/A
 Male Silver DracoFelis Agentum    Brevard, North Carolina
 Calypso wanders about FurryMuck and FluffMuck. He's a white-blue furred
 feline, sometimes wolf, who is a personal furry. He's fun loving but 
 gentle underneath, not very outgoing. Will be at CFE and doesn't mind
 being paged and enjoys meeting new furs, even just to chat.

Canuss (Mark Freid)         
 Male Arctic Wolf                  Palmdale, California
 Canuss is an anthro wolf of arctic stock. His fur is mostly white with
 blends of light greys and browns. He can be found on FurryMUCK, A.F.F, and
 is on the FurCom, RRFriends, and Ferret News mailing lists. Canuss is a 
 straight, avaliable wolf. He has a pretty easy time making friends and is a
 naturally trusting sort, as well as a very sensual lover. His prefurence 
 runs to canids, raccoons, felines, and mustelids. His likes, dislikes and
 disposition stem from his RL player, as he is basically a personal furry.
 He's a furry cartoonist and can be seen at many of the conventions. 

Captain Packrat (Troy D. Risher)    
 Male House Mouse                  Vista, California
 A 6 foot tall house mouse with tan colored fur and sapphire blue eyes.
 He can be found on FurryMUCK, and all the furry Newsgroups. He is
 heterosexual, but likes non-sexual snuggling and hugging with both
 males and females. He's the Official FurryMUCK HugMouse.

Cargo (Gary Burke)            
 Male Weasel                       Toronto, Ontario
 Cargo is a weasel who owns the Purple Nurple, FurryMUCK's gay/les/bi hangout
 and party place. Get there on FM by going n,n,n,e from WCotP, or teleporting
 to "tpn". Gary Burke is an artist and writer who is one of the founding members
 of Animus, a group wanting to bring a higher level of art and design to furridom.
 Check out the webpage above. Gary Burke is a graphic designer and writer living
 in Toronto. He attends most major furry cons and is a nice guy.

Carlton Fox / B.J. Bunny / Deacon Blues (Karl F. Meyers)   
 Vulpine / Hare / Bluesbat         Jacksonville, Florida
 Carlton's a six-foot fox-morph on FurToonia, and possibly FurryMUCK or SPR.
 B.J. is a rabbit morph and is solely on FurryMUCK. Deacon is a fruit batbat
 with a taste for the blues and storytelling, residing on Forgotten Paths.
 IRL, is a contributor to the Dallas Brawl, and also got into PawPrints with
 a story. Can usually be found at ConFurence, and hopes to make Albany AnthroCon.
 He often hit cons in the Florida and Georgia areas, outside of his furry trips.

Carmine / Cedric / Errol (Joe Engledow, Jr.)

 E-mail N/A              
 Male Koala / Fox / Skunk          South Bend, Indiana
 Can be found on FurryMuck, FurToonia, and Brazilian Dreams.
 Joe's a friendly sort of guy, always interested in meeting new people RL
 or VR. Likes music, and weird fringe things...Frank Zappa, SubGenius,
 furry costumes. He loves to laugh and he doesn't reveal his preferences
 to databases. You have to ask!

Cerze (Graham Mitchell)   
 Shifter                           Surrey, BC, Canada (Near Vancouver)
 Cerze generally appears as a vixen or ringtail, but occasionally as a
 foxtaur, wolf, raccoon...etc. He frequents FurryMUCK, FurToonia and
 Furry Legends. He is a male IRL.

Chandrashekar (John J. Serdy III)        
 Gashta                            Malaga, New Jersey
 A meter-tall golden-furred critter, humanoid shape, vaguely cat-like
 ears and eyes, no tail. Chandrashekar lives on furryMuck and seeks
 shelter from lag on SPR. He is almost always IC but occasionally acts
 as a mouthpiece for his player. IRL he's a graphic designer and digital
 pre-press "guru".

Che / Che_Fox (Ben Gertzfield)       
 Male Red Fox                      Aurora, IL
 Che can be found on FurryMUCK, Yiffnet and EFnet IRCs

Chester (Stephen Masterson)
 Male Centaur Stallion - Paladin   Manchester, England
 Standing over 7' tall, the large, white centaur stallion paladin stands
 before you, the wind whipping his mane and tail. On his back is a large
 runesword in its sheath, the strap of which cuts across his bare chest.
 The Yiffnet IRC Centaur, he is desperately in love with his mate Meadow.

Chip_Unicorn (Brent E. Edwards)               Webpage N/A
 Male Truffle-Eating Unicorn       Troy, NY
 Chip can be found on FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, GenesisMUCK and more.
 His player is a Ph. D. student in computer science, and a writer.

Crim (Karl Meyer)               Webpage N/A
 Male Ferret                       Glen Ellyn, IL
 Crim is a 6' tall ferret who's soft fur is mostly light tan with dark
 brown on his legs and forming a mask pattern around his large 
 onyx black eyes. He is a personal furry and shares player's views.
 Crim can be found on FurryMuck, Furtoonia, SPR, and FurryFuzz.
 Crim's a 32 year old single male living alone with two RL ferrets.

Criss (Frank Gembeck, Jr.)                  Webpage N/A
 Male Ferani                       St. Charles, IL
 Ferani is a humanoid race with feline attributes.
 Sexual preference: Males, and lots of them :)

Cyotee (Ian Greathouse)           
 Coyote                            Rocklin, CA
 He's a 6'2" coyote with a 3' tail. He wears a thin leather loin cloth. He has an
 air of power and knows it. He's been furry since August '96. He likes furry art,
 and yiffs pretty much anything that moves. Has several serious friends on the
 MUCKs, and spends most of his time on FurryMUCK. Is bi-sexual, has a male bias,
 and likes to be bottom. He doesn't do art of any kind, but might try to get into
 sculpture, and work on his drawing skills, so this may change some day. 

- D -

Daisy                  Webpage N/A
 Female Anthro Raccoon             Virginia (ST)
 Daisy is basically built like an average human woman, except for the claws at
 her fingertips and toes, the tail, and the fact that her head is completely 
 raccoonish. No human hair, here. She's on FurryMUCK, AnimeMUCK and B-5 MUSH.

Dark-Paws (M. Cullen)               Webpage N/A
 Werewolf                          Niagara Falls, Canada
 7' tall, 250 pounds, mostly grey, dark markings on paws, blue eyes.
 Loves cartoons, heavy metal music, full moons.

Darkwind (See G'razel)

Data (Kevin)            Webpage N/A
 Android                           Toronto, Ontario
 Data is an android, based slightly on Star Trek. He is 5'7" and weighs a
 light 120 pounds for an android. Data was born on February 27, 1996. He
 can be found on Furry, Fluff, Bajor, Blackwulf, Furryfuzz. He also owns a
 successful cribbage league on FurryMUCK. In real life, Kevin is 15 years
 old and is 5'7". Check his pinfo on Furry for more information.

DataHawk (Lara Tinney)      
 Female RC                         North Chicago, Illinois
 DataHawk loves PosiCat and can mostly be found on FurToonia,
 FurryMUCK, and PosiMUCK. Sge is heterosexual and closed-
 mated IRL and VR. An RC is a synthetic tech shapeshifter.

Deneb Fox (Jim Murphy)              Webpage N/A
 Male Fox                          Christiansburg, VA
 A gray fox, 4'8" tall when standing upright. Afraid of hi-tech machinery and
 computers. Can't swim. Very fast learner, very smart. Transformed from a
 standard fox into a 'morph, cause unknown.

Devi / Nyneve (Erin)           
 Lamian Shifter/Siberian Tigress   Michigan (ST)
 Devi can be found on FurryMUCK and Furtoonia and is a personal furry.
 IRL she is female and female-biased as well as married to Redfire.

Diamondback Darkwolfe (Kevin White)             Webpage N/A
 Male Lupis Sapiens                Birmingham, MI
 Diamondback is a 6'7" 260 lbs black wolf, who is for the most part well
 muscled and has a white diamond fur patch in the middle of this back.
 He uses FurryMUCK, Twilight MUCK, and Yiffnet's #furry channel. RL he's
 male, 15, bi, lookin' for a girl, into music, computers, heavy metal,
 and is hoping for a career in one of the above.

Doctor Midnight (Jay Miller)           Webpage N/A
 Domestic Anthro Feline            Oakland, California
 Dr. Midnight is a 5'11" anthro feline with unusually deep black fur,
 so dark that it reflects no light at all. He has light green eyes, a
 reddish-brown muzzle, and his right paw is pure white. He can be found
 on Tapestries and SPR. He's an incurable romantic. IRL is trying to 
 get a better place, and a job he likes better than the one he has now.

Dodge (Antonio Hernandez)          Webpage N/A
 Male Rock 'N' Roll Kitty          Inkster, MI
 Dodge is a tall, teenage fur who is currently pursuing music. When not
 distracted by his musical ambitions, he's usually RPing, atempting to
 write a story that he's happy with, or just enjoying a good video game.
 He's generally hyper and crazy, although he tends to be quiet and shy
 around unfamilar people. He's on FurryMUCK and occasionally IRC.

Dragon / Dranga              Webpage N/A
 Dragon                            Sunnyvale, CA
 An anthropomorphic red dragon, approx. 8.5 feet tall, with large dark wings.
 Explorer, tinkerer, mischievious, curious, a little shy sometimes.

Dragonoix (Jimmy Neal)             Webpage N/A
 Male Golden Celtic Dragon         Pottstown, PA
 Dragonoix is an anthro golden celtic dragon. He is easy to talk to and willing to
 help out any fur who asks. He is found on FM, SPR, Taps, Realms, FuzzyMuck, and
 CastleMuck and usually on two or three at the same time. Into RP, TP and alot of
 TS. If you are looking for a friend or need to talk feel free to look him up.

Dranga (See Dragon)

Dreamshadow / Nightweaver (Will Harper)                  Webpage N/A
 Male Demon / Shapeshifter         Tampa, Florida
 Dream can be found on Tapestries, Furtoonia, FurryMUCK, and SPR.
 Nightweaver is only on FurryMUCK.

Dsan Tsan (Don Sanders)
 Chow-Chow Morph                   Vernon, New York
 Dsan in appearence is a Chow-chow morph, but because of a curse, he can morph
 into almost any creature he can think of, except for Vulpines, for that was his
 orginal form. Dsan is a chow of all trades and then some, he is also a chowish
 mage of some power, but relies on techology to get his point across. Don Sanders
 is currently an amateur artist and writer, his current works are Artist's light,
 which is still in progress. He hopes to become a better artist and writer.

DustyRancourt (Justin Carpenter)    
 Male Wolf                         Rockville, MD
 Dusty is a wolf with entirely too much hair, a la 80's glam rock. He's on
 FurryMUCK, FurToonia,, and ConFurence/ConFurence East. Dusty
 is the odd hybrid of IC and OOC that really needs a proper name. IC and OOC
 conversation is fine with him. IRL, he's a busy sysadmin for one of the
 nation's leading Internet security firms. Print/commission info, inquire.

- E -

Errol (See Carmine)

- F -

Farthing / Farthing W. Fox            
 Male Vulpes Vulpes Crucigera      London, England
 Farthing is a 5' tall fox, gray gloves/socks, longish headfur, often winged.
 He's on SPR, FurryMuck, Furtoonia, Yiffnet, alt.animals.foxes,,
 alt.horror.werewolves, Eurofurry mailing list, and the UKfur mailing list.
 I'm really a fox IRL, just that most people can't see it.

Fender (Paul Seid)
 Fennec                            Charlotte, NC
 Fender is a 5-foot-tall fennec with the huge ears and eyes of that species.
 His fur is white except for the black tip of his tail. Fender can be found
 on FurryMuck, Furtoonia, SPR, Furgotten Realms, and occasionally other
 MUCKs as well. He tries hard to be friendly and considerate to everyfur. 
 In RL, Fender's player is a support engineer with Microsoft Corp. 

Ferric (Ward Fisher)            Webpage N/A
 Coyote Morph                      Wyoming (USA)
 Ferric is a Coyote Morph, named after a character in a book by Walter Wangerin.
 He has grey fur and is 5'10" with a large build. He can be found on Yiffnet
 IRC's #furry channel.

Fhaolan (Allan Kemp)                   Webpage N/A
 Male Morphic Timber Wolf          Pickering, Ontario
 Fhaolan is a tall reddish-furred timber wolf with hazel eyes. He is normally
 found wearing a kilt, and speaking with a broad Scottish accent. Some of his
 drawings can be found at Fhaolan
 can be found on FurryMuck, Furtoonia and A.F.F. He's also heavily into RPing
 and TP's, currently involved with the lovely Lendri.

Fionn (See Keith)

FireStone             Webpage N/A
 Anthro Canine                     Ontario, Canada
 He's about 6'1" tall, dark sienna skin, longish white hairfur, long muzzle
 with protruding fangs, tall, pointed ears, usually seen running around in
 a black robe and a vine. Mated eternally to Kireth, you'll usually find them
 together, in their territorial sprawl. C'mon up and say hey! He's got Poker,
 a Howl, muttering board and chess set up Outback. His 'typist' MUCKs on a
 semiretired 286 PC clone, zipping along on a 212A gandalf modem.

Firewolf (Derek Weber)           Webpage N/A
 Male Black Wolf                   Linton, North Dakota
 He's a young, black, anthropomorpic wolf.  He stands a little over 6 ft. tall.
 He wears no shirt and a pair of tight cut-off jeans and is very friendly. He
 can be found on FurryMUCK and is there often.

Firller (Siegfried E.J. Schlieper)              Webpage N/A
 Male Yellow Alley Kitten          Miami Beach, Florida
 Firller is (usually) a small neon yellow alley-kitten who tends to be very silly,
 rather playful, and quite cartoon-esque, but he is male and does have a rather
 yiffy side. In RL is a student at U of M studying marine biology. He draws, does
 Tae Kwon Do, and plays the violin. To his chagrin, he's managed to remain without
 a permanent relationship in both VR and RL. RL Age: 18 (birthdate: 10/8/77)

Flagana (Tina Smith)                   Webpage N/A   
 Scottish Fold Feline              Washington (USA)
 Flagana is a 5'6 kitty who is grey with sapphire eyes. She is proud of
 her manx tail and flooophs it all the time.

Four-Eyes (Robert Parish)                  Webpage N/A
 Male Anthro Wolf                  Louisville, Kentucky
 Four-eyes is 6'2" tall, with gray, black and white fur in a pattern of
 agouti banding, and blue eyes hidden behind a pair of small, round,
 black, wire-rim glasses with really thick lenses. He can be found on
 FurryMUCK, Tapestries, WildMUCK, and Yiffnet. Lives with Jurann IRL.

Fox / Kandrel (Jared Rosenberg)
 Male Red Fox                      Hollis, NH
 He's a vulpine mage, about 5' tall, black ears and paws, light cream-white
 underparts, pure white tip of brush, commonly anthro, but can easily walk
 quadraped. Usualy does not wear clothes, and carries at all times: Wind
 Dancer Weapons, Spell book, and Book of Wunders. He can be found on Furry-
 MUCK, FurToonia, and WBS IRC.

FoxFireX (Roger Strain) 
 Male Anthro Red Fox               Arkansas (ST)
 FoxFireX is 19 and can be found on FurryMUCK and YiffNet's #furry and

Fox Morrigan / TimeFox (Jerry Teeple)     
 Male Fox-morph                    Central Falls, Rhode Island
 Fox Morrigan is a 6' tall anthropomorphic arctic fox. His typical wardrobe
 consists of a pair of black jeans, a Pink Floyd t-shirt, and a black trench
 coat. At his side is his trusty satchel which is usually filled with toys
 and other little oddities. He's always smiling an is always ready to help
 out whatever the need be.

frampton                www.pobox.con/~frampton/
 Male Sheep                        Grand Rapids, Michigan
 He's an anthro/nonanthro sheep, depending on his current morph. He can
 be found mostly on FurToonia.

- G -

Garcia (See Sparky)

Gatsby (See Blaze)

Gene Catlow (Albert Temple)
 Male Anthro Alley Cat   San Fransisco, CA
 Gene Catlow is a tall, wiry alley cat with scruffy black fur. He has been
 drawing for most of his life but only recently put a little of his artwork
 on the Web. Considers himself straight but seems to make friends easily with 
 more than his share of male-biased furs. He can be found on Fluff MUCK,
 FurryMUCK, FurToonia, SPR and Tapestries MUCK.

Gerdazech (Tank "zazu2" Winters)     
 Male Civet                        Sardis, B.C., Canada
 He is a Civet and is proud of it. Picture of civet on his page.

GhostFox (Brendan Smith)
 Polymorphic Vulpine               Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
 Remaining constant are 3 things, his basic vulpine nature, a phasing
 effect caused by dimensional lag, and his stunning rapier wit. He's
 a regular user of SPR and posts on and a.b.p.f.
 Maintains a site called GhostFox's Den, his small effort to help the
 furry community, home of the Furry Internet Index, the world's
 largest constantly-growing alphabetical listing of furry webpages.

Ginger (J. Willard)        
 Silly Fuzzy Wolf                  Indiana, USA
 Ginger is a gold, black and white tiger-striped wolf, with
 blue eyes and a silly grin. Builderwizard on FurToonia MUCK.
 Very, very, very silly. Artist! Artist! Artist! Cheap!

G'razel / Darkwind / BlackeMyste (Kele Kravelin)      
 Nathkah / Arabian / Darkenwier    Louisville, KY
 A shapeshifting winged feline who resides on FurryMUCK, Tapestries, SPR,
 FluffMUCK, and a few other scattered dimensions. He is much the same RL and
 VR, being a gay male spiritualist. For more info on him or his player check
 out the webpage listed in this entry.

Grimm / Grimtooth (Arnd Marijnissen)        
 Wolf / Cougar                     Boskoop, Zuid Holland, Nederland 
 Wolflike creature with big fuzzy tail, black markings on back, big mane,
 further detail has yet to be found. He is currently developing a Furry
 variation of RoleMaster RPG's. IRL is a Linux freak, and Unix in general.
 Plays RPG's and METW card games and is generally a LuNaTiC.

Grimtooth (See Grimm)

Growl (Paul Groulx)                Webpage N/A
 Raccoon                           Ontario, NY
 Growl is a grey raccoon with black markings and wears a green leather
 jacket. Creator of Furthest North Crew APA (aka FNC). His character
 can be found on FurryMUCK.

Growltiger (David Pickett)     
 Male tigermorph                   Memphis, TN USA
 Growltiger is a 25 year old 6'4" tigermorph on Yiffnet IRC.  He is caring,
 affectionate and easygoing with everyfur. Growl has an affinity towards
 fellow felines and loves transfurmation stories and movies. David works
 as a salesman in both his full time and part time jobs. If he is not at
 work, he is either playing Super Bomberman, sleeping or on Yiffnet.

Guardian (Rick Niess)
 BeTiWoLion                        Hattiesburg, MS
 Guardian is a PolyWere of Bear, Tiger, Wolf, and Lion.  Form-, color-, and
 size-changing. He's a lovable, male, friendly, nonsexual, were. IRL is male,
 caucasian, 20 yrs old, blue-grey eyes, dark blonde curly hair.  

- H -

Harkone (See Tentaclees)

Holst / Blue-Blade (Delroic Silver Paws)
 Male Halfling-Kitt                Brisbane, Australia
 Holst stands 4'5" tall, with fluffy silky gray fur. His tail is
 about 4ft in length but large and bushy like a skunks tail. He
 is a UA Sector Commander and Captain of Mega-Angel defence orb.
 He can be found on FurryMUCK. IRL, he's a company artist, film
 writer, game designer, comic book artist, and furry artist.

Hydrae / Pixilyn (Stephanie Zachary)                   Webpage N/A
 Female Sea Nymph / Pixie          Cleveland, OH
 Hydrae is a female sea nymph, happily mated to Telkintar on both FM
 and FT. Helpstaffer on FT. Creator of the FT Virtual Estate Guide.
 Pixilyn is a female pixie who loves to meet new furs and have fun
 acting silly. Both are very personal furries who love to snuggle, and 
 don't get involved much in RP'ing. IRL is female, hetero, late 20's,
 a pediatric nurse, love music, skiing, computer games, travelling,
 and working out. Doesn't get online much these days due to RL.

- I -

Ian Duvall / Magellan (Jason Saylor)             Webpage N/A
 Male ZebraMorph / Biped Drake     South Bend, Indiana
 Ian is a 7'6" 350kg TechnoHunter/Romantic Digitigrade ZebraMorph.
 Magellan is a 16' tall, 27' long multi-ton Alchemist/Snugglephile 
 Digitigrade Green/Gold Drake. Ian/Magellan can be found on 
 Furtoonia, FurryMuck, DragonMuck, Unbridled Desires and YiffNet IRC. 

Ixbalam / JasJaguar (Michael J. Rider)      
 Male Jaguar                       Slate Hill, New York
 Ixbalam is an anthro jaguar, 6' 1" and 150lbs.  He is the persona 
 that represents a personal furry. He hangs out on Dalnet and Yiffnet
 IRC, Tapestries MUCK and FluffMUCK. He is single and available, and
 he likes members of both genders in RL and VR.

- J -

JasJaguar (See Ixbalam)

Jazi / Jazzmospazz (Tim Mithee)           Webpage N/A
 Male Red Fox / Red Fox            Knob Noster, Missouri
 Jazi can be found on SPR, Furry Fuzz and a few other private MU*s.
 Jazzmospazz is on PosiMUCK and Furtoonia.
 Linnard can be found on IRC and Usenet Newsgroups.
 Taps can be found on FurryMUCK.
 Sabishi's a DreamCoon on DragonMUCK, FluffMUCK, The Den, and BonzaiMUCK.

Jazzy (Adam Keene)                   Webpage N/A
 Fox                               Dallas, TX
 Jazzy is a happy fox, and is found on FurryMUCK, SPR, and FurryFuzz.
 On FM, we find a gender and size morph. On SPR, just male, and on
 Furry Fuzz, just female. Whee.

Jerico / Chaka / Tanner / Phiff (Blane Fuller)                   Webpage N/A
 Unico / Rock Pony / Servil / Silkie   Corpus Christi, TX
 RPGer, likes TP's, computers and general fun...

Jey                   Webpage N/A
 Male Giraffidae                   London, Ontario
 Jey's an 11'7" Anthro Giraffe. His upper body is totally Giraffe, with a long
 neck and typical head of his species, down to the fuzzy antlers between his ears.
 His torso and arms are more human, with 5 digit hands, powerful biceps, and legs
 and feet. He has a muscular, tufted tail, and is covered from head to toe with
 orange-brown patchy spots over his creme-colored body. His species is related to
 Equine, and he has many such friends, always looking out for new ones, too.

 Electroplasmic Synthkitsune       Kansas (USA)
 He's just this yellow fox-thingy. See page for more info. J's player
 is a journalism student at Kansas State University as of 11/96. 

Junior (See Bungee)

Jurann / Ranja / Ctebras (Timothy Rea)           
 Male Fox / Fem Cheetah / Elf'taur  Louisville, KY
 Owner and operator of Furry Grand Central and the Furry/Were Database.
 Can be found on Yiffnet IRC, FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, TigerMUCK, and makes
 his home as staff on Tapestries MUCK. Also at most furry conventions.
 Jurann loves to meet other furs IRL, so if you get around Louisville...
 Ranja is a gorgeous and strictly IC werecheetah on FurryMUCK/Tapestries.
 Ctebras is an all-too-serious Elf'taur prince on Unbridled Desires.

Jurrel VonTorval               Webpage N/A
 Male Cougar Fox Hybrid            Scappose, Oregon
 Jurrel can be found on FurrryMUCK, Furtoonia, DarkFurr, FluffMUCK, and
 Tapestries. If anyone wants to know more, just email or find him on one
 of the MUCKs. DarkFurr is a MUCK run by Jurrel at

- K -

Kandrel (See Fox)

Kaylan / Kaltag (Kayotae Erik Blackwolf)            Webpage N/A
 Male Arctic Coyote / Sled Dog     Metuchen, New Jersey
 Kaylan is a 6'4" white coyote in a kilt and a cowboy hat, (this
 pretty well describes his player as well.) He can be tracked down
 on FurryMUCK, TigerMuck and FurryFuzz.

Kedri (C. Kelly)        
 Vulpine                           Muncie, Indiana
 Recent transfer student at Ball State looking for other furs...

Keith / Fionn (Pablo Romero)                 Webpage N/A
 Male Panther                      Guayaquil, Ecuador
 Keith's a young Panther dressed in a wetsuit, with golden eyes and
 slightly adventure-weathered fur. Always OOC. He's extremely friendly
 so just approach him. Puts friends above everything. He's on TigerMUCK,
 FurryMUCK, Furtoonia and #Furry; FurryMUCK as Fionn. IRL he's a gay
 musician and artist. Is unfortunate enough to be the only Furry in
 South America so far, but is very interested in meeting other furs.

Kendel Snowshadow (Michael J. Maimone)      
 Male Morphic Timberwolf           Ledyard, CT
 A morphic timber wolf whose coloring is black except the tip of
 his tail. He wears a patch over his left eye. He is hetrosexual. He
 enjoys good humor and good company, both of which he finds on the
 MUCKs and IRC's. Unfortunately his player frequently gets caught up
 in his mundane job, so his trips are rather far inbetween.

Kindar (Sylvain St-Pierre)               Webpage N/A
 Male Weretiger   Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
 Almost always in Tigermorph form, 6 feet tall, standard fur coat of orange
 and black stripes. Kindar can mainly be found on Yiffnet and Tapestries, 
 although he does venture to FurryMUCK and SPR and loves to explore new 
 places. He's male, and loves females as much as males. For anyone going to 
 Trois-Rivières, he loves to meet new people.

Kitsune / Platinum (Jonathan Roth)  
 Male Red Fox                      Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
 Kitsune is an artist, and wannabe animation student. His favorite
 furry exposure was Usagi Yojimbo. He is on FurryMUCK as Platinum,
 and Furtoonia as Trantalin, a draconic alien. Also the maintainer
 of the Western Canadian Furry Listing, a collection of furry fans
 and contributers from Manitoba to the West at his homepage.

Klaatu            Webpage N/A
 Winged She-wolf                   Little Rock, AR
 She can be found on FurryMUCK and Furtoonia.

Kyhm Mahn (Kevin McCormick)    
 Male Anthro Cheetah               Nashua, New Hampshire
 Kyhm notices you and looks into your eyes, his bright green  eyes meeting
 yours with a warm smile. He is a Cheetah and is wearing an FDF Navy pilots
 green EVA Combat Flight Suit of the FDS Pegasus II. IRL he's a Computer
 Junkie and Tech support rep for a software company. Also does sketches and
 artwork on the side as well as create plastic replicas of items out of the
 stories he writes. Currently a reservist in the Army and an avid aviator.

Kyrie (Clay)            Webpage N/A
 Male Anthro Horse                 La Crescenta, California
 Kyrie has brown body hair with darker brown mane and tail. Kyrie is most
 likely to be found on Yiffnet's #furry IRC but can also been seen on FurryMuck
 where his name is spelled Keereae. He is male and 25 both VR and IRL.

- L -

Leila_Noor (Lothie)       
 Female Lynx Morph                 Rockville, MD
 Leila Noor is a Lynx Morph, about 5'2" tall, with a classic figure. Her
 ears are pierced multiple times; her only habitual ornament is a heavy
 silver bracelet with intricate carving, which she wears on her right wrist.
 Her hair is red and cut in a mohawk, and her eyes are a deep green that
 flashes to amber when she's angry. She's on FurryMUCK and Furtoonia. Leila's
 a personal furry, so if you're interested in more info, contact her.

Linnard (See Jazi)

Lisa (See Malia)

Lorak (Karl Binder)           Webpage N/A
 Anthro Canis Lupus                Southington, CT
 Lorak is an average sized male wolf, w/ dark brown fur that shades to
 grey around his chest and tail. He can normaly be found on FurryMUCK,
 Unbridled Desires, and Lambdamoo (sometimes all at once!)
 RL distractions include RPG's and Japanimation.

Lion-O (Paul Gunton)        
 Male Lion Morph                   Centerville, Ohio
 Lion-O is a handsome anthro lion with a long, flowing blue mane. The rest
 of his fur is a peach color and is very soft. He has very big muscles.
 He has many friends, some of whom are more dear to him. He is a very
 friendly and helpful fur. He is currently on: FurryMuck, FurToonia,
 FluffMuck, FurryFuzz, TigerMuck, and SPR. His RL player enjoys hiking,
 canoing, writing, reading, and being with his RL friends.

- M -

Magellan (See Ian Duvall)

Makali (Matt Robinson)
 Wolf                              Welwyn Garden City, Herts, England

Malia / Lisa / Nastassja / Sagari / Benson  
 Cetan/Otter/Blue Dragon/Alligator/Clydesdale   Florida (ST)
 A Cetan is a humanoid dolphin. See my web page for a picture and more
 info. Malia is mated to Findra, her VR and RL love. Currently on SPR,
 FT, Fluff, Fuzz, Taps, UD, BD, and LivingFiction. All characters are
 female, except Sagari and Benson. All are personal furries, and most
 are OOC. He's a 31 year old male IRL.

Malken                   Webpage N/A
 Bloodhound                        Dallas, TX
 A large old fellow, he always has a growl or a sneer for those around him.
 Malken is not what you'd call your typical 'cute' furry. He's fond of
 drinking and relaxing in front of a fire.  It doesn't help that most of
 those around him are not furries at all, and those that are furries are
 annoying little raccoons and cats. An office worker and member of a Live
 RPG, one of the few furries in the game locally.

Mange (Mike Nielsen)    
 Coyote                            Ames, IA
 See Webpage for more information.

Matthias Therin (Matthias E. Giwer)           Webpage N/A
 Feline                            Tampa, Florida
 A thoroughly even blend of housecat and human genes. Considered by
 some to be an 'alternate' style of fur. Moving to the Bay area
 hopefully sometime in the future.

Mathue Taxion  
 Male Illiop                       Columbia, MD
 He's a cute furry teddybear/illiop, and can be found on TigerMUCK,
 FurryMUCK and Furtoonia.

Mattercat / Matt / Rhuk (Shane Mans)                 Webpage N/A
 Cougar                            Colorado Springs, CO
 About 6'2" (not including ears), 170lbs (lean), Tawny fur, grey-blue eyes.
 Tends towards full length cloaks, and arm/wrist bands of leather. can be
 seen most times with a 6 foot staff shod with iron and wrapped in a leather
 grip. Usually wears a friendly expression of one sort or another. Loves to
 draw and tell stories. Loves to look at art and listen to stories.

Maxi / Maxi Rose / Moondancer (Lisa Lai)          
 Female Claire-Vampire             Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Maxi looks like herself in RL (check page for pictures)
 She can be found on FurryMUCK, and TerraFrore (as MoonDancer)

MetalFox              Webpage N/A
 Male Anthro Red Fox               Indiana (ST)
 Is almost always IC, and loves TPing.
 MetalFox can be found on FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, and SPR.

Miavir (Deon F. Ramsey)   
 Male Anthro Feline Alien          Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 Miavir is an anthro felinoid creature. He has white fluffy fur, but for a
 silverish grey streak running from his nose to his tail, which is wide and
 bushy, moving with the unconcious grace common to cats. His curious yellow
 eyes look at you as if challenging you. Has one of the largest collections
 of Furry Stories available on his home page. Born August 28 IRL.

Miles (Dan Ramos)           
 Generic Furry                     Santa Clara, CA
 Miles is a strange, short creature. He doesn't look like any certain species.
 Since he's of a non-descript species, he calls himself a GENERIC FURRY. His fur
 is an orangy light brown color, a tannish yellow muzzle, brown eyelids, round
 black nose and no tail. Check out his art page at
 Dan is a strange, short creature, not as strange as Miles, but he DID create
 Miles, who is a cartoony character that Dan created for cartooning and is also
 Dan's virtual persona on the Internet and bulletin board systems.

Mist (See Tursi)

MoonDancer (See Aloyen -or- Maxi)

Muff                 Webpage N/A
 Male Sugar Powered Fox            Charleston, South Carolina

Myknos (See OtterKid)

- N -

Narone (See Pentrath)

Nastassja (See Malia)

Natasha / Natasha_Vixen / Natasha O'Brien (Mark Paschal)     Webpage N/A
 Anthro Red Fox                    Chattanooga, Tennessee
 Natasha can be found on FluffMUCK, FurryFuzz, and SPR.
 Natasha_Vixen is on FurryMUCK and FurToonia. Both can be
 be found on AFF and other MUCKs.

Nick / Nickolai (David "Chip" Bell)           
 Badger / Winged Kasir             Springfield, OR
 Nick's a morphic badger, ref. the Redwall books. Nickolai's a little
 more unusual. He's kinda like a roo with wings and four arms. He's
 one of them college student types. Monetary donations happily accepted.

Nightweaver (See Dreamshadow)


nobs (Emil Obermayr)    
 Wolf                              Braunschweig, Germany
 nobs is a male lupomorphic, 1.8m high with shaggy dark greyish fur;
 a bit overweighted because life in the city had become to easy; old
 but not wise; grown up with (big) cats, so it happens he forgets his
 mother tongue and purrs when getting caressed; sometimes he is very
 hungry he just distinguishes between vegetables and prey...

Nyneve (See Devi)

- O -

Oakshadow / BanWynn (BanWynn Oakshadow [Fur real])              Webpage N/A
 Male Timberwolf / Coyote          Dayton, Ohio
 Oakshadow makes his home on TigerMUCK, while BanWynn can be found
 on FurryMUCK. Oak's a rustic wolf who enjoys quiet times with good
 friends and Ban is a cocky 'yote who enjoys the yiffier side of life.
 Likes to meet other furs both IRL and VR.

Obelisk (See Aloyen)

Orrin                 Webpage N/A
 Male Mephit                       Cupertino, California

Orelious (C. Chay Casso)        
 Chimera                           Cambridge, MA
 Just your normal, everyday anthropomorphic chimera. On FurryMuck mostly,
 though his time is increasingly getting limited. Always interested in
 meeting new furs. Trying to start a furry cult at MIT.

Orzel (Chris Bochna)         
 Male Tastyeagle                   Champaign, IL
 Orzel is a personal furry who's based off a golden eagle. You can
 usually find him perched somewhere on FM, FT, or TigerMuck, typically
 talking with his friends. Always willing to snuggle a new friend, too.

OtterKid / Myknos (Terry Christian-Jennings)        
 Male River Otter / Minotaur       Memphis, Tennessee
 OtterKid is his main character and has his own OOC personality. Myknos
 is his darker, aggressive side.  OtterKid is a homoaffectional, cigar-
 smoking, OtterPop-eating, Catholic leatherotter who always enjoys making new 
 friends. He also has a thing for wolves and other nondomestic canines, 
 and can be found usually on FurryMUCK and IRC.

- P -

Paf (Christopher)          
 Male Porcupine Morph              Boston, Massachussetts
 At first glance, Paf appears as a stocky silhouette of quills and barbs,
 but beneath it all is a rather small, sinewy, dark-skinned porcupine.
 He's a happy-go-lucky bisexual who's working on expanding his piercing
 collection. He's on FurryMUCK as Paf, NanvaentMUD as Saint, IRC as 
 xopher/deadhorse/paf. He's searching for porcupine plushies.

Pascal (Pascal Q. Porcupine)       
 Porcupine                         Las Cruces, NM
 Pascal is 22" from head to toe (sits 14" high), brown porcupine with blonde
 quills. Personal furry, mostly OOC, on FurryMUCK and Fluff. IRL is a porcupine
 somehow born into a human body. This condition is called misincarnation and
 all share similar feelings, and all hope to somehow become their true forms.

Pentrath / Narone (Martin Hind)                   Webpage N/A
 Male Snow Leopard / Minotaur      Harare, Zimbabwe
 Very affectionate and huggy. And stepping on toes because is thought too
 yiffy as opposed to affectionate. Much to the characters' contant confusion.
 Sweet, and dominant.  Very much into things like DOJO. He can usually be
 found on SPR, FluffMUCK, FurryMUCK, Tapestries, and FurToonia.

Phyx (Nathan Frietze)            
 Male Anthro Fox                   Socorro, NM
 He's quiet, sensible, and openminded. Jestem Futrzastym. Furry is a part of his
 life, it always has been (he does not consider it a hobby.) He is not currently
 mucking. Furry quote--"Jak sie, wabisz?" Favorite MooV - WD's Robin Hood, fav
 music - Erasure. His parents are anti-furry. Main hobbies--MIDI, drawing, cooking,
 skiing. He is American (fluent in English and Polish.) Email welcome.

Phyxis (Jason A. Mills)   
 Rottweiler Morph                  Santa Clara, CA

Pixilyn (See Hydrae)

 Male Red fox                      Shorewood, Illinois
 Another cute morphic red fox. Snuggaholic, so beware. Uses FurryMUCK,
 FurryFuzz, Sociopolitical Ramifications, FluffMUCK, Furry Legends,
 PosiMUCK, RaccoonMUCK, Brazilian Dreams, FurToonia, EFNet, and
 Undernet IRC. He's a bisexual male, never fully IC, never fully OOC. 
 Just another computer nerd wishing he was his personal furry.

Platinum (See Kitsune)

 Polar Bear                        Spokane, Washington
 Large, white, non-anthro bear, sometimes brown bear or grey wolf.
 He's more were than furry.  Usually hangs out on the AHWW-related
 IRC channels. Hasn't given FurryMUCK a try yet.

Positronic Cat (Mark Balliet)       
 Male RC                           Gurnee, Illinois
 Posi_Cat loves DataHawk. He can be found on FurToonia, FurryMUCK
 and PosiMUCK. He is a closed-mated heterosexual in RL and VR.
 An RC is a synthetic tech shapeshifter.

Purrts (Curtis Smith)    
 Mostly Puma                       Seattle, Washington
 Purrts can be found on FurryMUCK. He is a semi-professional
 portrait artist, and just getting into furry art.

- Q -

Qgar                      Webpage N/A
 Woofbeast                         San Francisco, CA

- R -

Ragtag (Andrew Beach)             Webpage N/A
 Male Trans-Panther                Gloucestershire, England
 Digitigrade Panther, Black Fur, Approx height 6'2, Medium but 'firm'
 build. Normal clothing is a black business suit. He's on FurryMuck,
 Tapestries, SPR, Yiffnet, and the UKFur Mailing list. Online he's
 Male Biased gay, a General nice guy, Mated to Iyu on FM, and his
 VR age is 35/21. IRL he's the same, but 25 years old.

Raika (Jeff Storey)       
 Male Anthro Timber Wolf           Fairborn, Ohio
 Raika is 21 and male IRL and on the MUCKs. He does not like to RP.
 He can be found on TigerMUCK, FurryMUCK, Tapestries, and FurToonia.

Ratman / Kilo (Paul Hurley)             
 Rat                               Suncook, NH
 A cute ratty with UZIs. A contridiction, but that's the point.
 He runs a furry art archive. He doesn't role play. He's not
 into yiffy stuff. He only uses MUCKs for chatting.

Redfire (Eric)                    Webpage N/A
 Male Half-Elf                     Michigan (ST)
 Redfire is sometimes a kitten and married to Devi.

Reweth (Jonathan C. Martin)         Webpage N/A
 Dragon                            St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
 A 14-foot long royal blue dragon. Loves music of any kind, 
 talkative and friendly. 

Rhiann (David Fields)         Webpage N/A
 Fox / Foxtaur                     Chattanooga, TN


 E-Mail N/A                        Webpage N/A
 Female Husky                      Meunster-Sarmsheim, Germany
 She can be found on FM and is 18 IRL.

 Kzinti                            San Diego, CA
 Can be found on FurryMuck and

Ricochet               Webpage N/A
 Tsasiks                           Toledo, OH
 Tsasiks are peaceful breed. He has white fur with patches of brown. Also, they
 all have silver collars with a crystal wolf's head in center. They link Tsasiks
 together telepathically. He's always carrying a softcase full of stuff, usually
 food, and writes lots of journals. Ricochet is a personal furry. Tsasiks are more
 wolf-like than Ric, but he is like a character in my story. Loves to chat on Yiffnet
 #furry, his on-line home. In RL is a 27 year old male. He writes because it's always
 better than his art. E-mail welcome, can't get enough of talking to other furs.  

Ritan (Robert C. Henney)              Webpage N/A
 Weasel                            Concord, NH

Rosen Otter (See Blaze)

- S -

Sabishi (See Jazi)

Sadie                   Webpage N/A
 Kitty                             Dallas, Texas
 Sadie is a small feline furry covered in black and white fur. She wears loose
 jeans, a t-shirt, and leather sandals. She always wears her locket, an antique
 etched with daisies and roses. As far as preferences go, make her laugh, she'll
 follow you anywhere. She's on SPR with occassional appearances at FM and FT.
 Page her, she's friendly and won't bite without proper provocation. In the
 nasty world of RL, Sadie teaches English and Journalism to 13-year-olds,
 recommended for anyone who takes themselves too seriously.

Sagari (See Malia)

Salsa (Stefanie)               Webpage N/A
 Female Kangaroo                   Baltimore, MD
 Salsa has purple sparklie fur. She is on FurryMUCK and Furtoonia.
 In VR she is engaged to Artie_roo, and in RL is a female and loves
 meeting furries. She loves punk and ska music more than life itself.

Savgennah (Gina Jenkins)     
 Morphic Dragone                   San Francisco, California
 Savgennah was previously known as PQ, Pouncequick, Nefara, and SilverCat.
 Shi is a gender and size altering dragone, and can be found on
 FurryMUCK, and is a wizard on the new upcoming Furcadia MUSH.
 Loves Fantasy RP, Memeber of the HIR Staff, Female and Switch, 
 see pinfo on FurryMUCK for more.

Scirocco / Wind Dancer (Jared Robertson)           
 Bandus Raccoonus                  Seattle, Washington
 A black mask covers Scirocco's face, his blue-green eyes bright and warm.
 His fur is a dark ash gray, silver at the edges, looking soft and cared-for.
 Scirocco's tail is slate and banded by eight ebony rings that match the fur
 of his face. He stands just over six feet tall. His birthday is April 6, 1995.
 He lives in an old victorian house on FurryMUCK. He enjoys playing T|D and can
 occasionally be found playing J0tt0 as well. His IC job has something to do
 with a holography lab and AI. IRL is a junior at Western Washington University
 majoring in computer science.

Seamus (Shamus Henson)             Webpage N/A
 Male Wolf                         Raleigh, NC
 Seamus is a 6'2, 185 lb white wolf. He's a very warm and compassionate
 fur, always eager to meet new people. He loves any physical contact of
 any sort, so hug/cuddle/snuggle or abuse him as often as possible! He
 encourages you to approach him if you don't know him. He's always OOC,
 but doesn't mind others being IC, and RP is fine, as is TS. IRL, Seamus
 is a student at NCSU. He's an English major, music minor.

Shinchan / WebKitty (Michelle I. Villanueva)     
 Female Black Cat                  Honolulu, HI
 Shinchan is a small cat-morph with a lithe body and thick midnight-
 black fur. She wears round Lennon-ish glasses, which are a bit too
 big for her, so she constantly pushes them back up when they slide
 down her small gray nose. Shinchan can be found on FurToonia and
 FluffMuck, usually nestled in the arms of her mate, Jinx. WebKitty
 is just Shinchan's moniker when she peruses the Web and IRC.

Siegfried (Paul Fritschle)        
 Male Morphic Ferret               Fremont, CA (SF Bay area)
 You see a 5' tall anthropomorphic ferret, with a very long... nose. His
 brown eyes twinkle in amusement. A jaunty green hat with a ridiculously
 long feather is perched on his head. He is wearing a bright blue silk
 shirt with a dark blue vest, and brown breeches. High boots cover his
 lower extremities. An odd, crystaline amulet is hung from his neck. A
 pink triangle pin is fastened to his vest.

Silent Red (Sandi Wilkinson)          
 Weasel                            Issaquah, WA
 A little red weasel. Can be found hanging around WeaselOak Treehouse
 on FurryMUCK. Cartoonist, Illustrator, Sculptor, and Animator.

SilverCat / Srakkt (James Scheffler)                     Webpage N/A
 Kzinti                            Boston, MA
 An albino Kzin. Born on Wunderland during the Kzinti occupation of that world.
 About 8'4", 200 Kilogrammes. SilverCat is on FurryMuck, Srakkt elsewhere.

Simba / Simba-Ra / Atrox (Ben Robinson)     
 Lionmorph / Ra Warrior / Panthera Atrox    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
 Simba is a personal furry, being what his player would be if he were to 
 actually have the good fortune to become a furry. Simba can be found on
 SPR, Taps, The Woods, Realms and TimeScape. Simba-Ra is on FurryMUCK. 
 Atrox is SPR and FurryMUCK. His homepage has some of his furry artwork on it.

Simba_Lion (Steve)            N/A
 Male Anthro Lion                  Royal Oak, Michigan
 Can be found on FurryMUCK and Yiffnet.
 Simba_Lion was a lionmage from RhyDin but left after his mate vanished.

Simba-Ra (See Simba)

Singe (Nick Bousman)  
 Male Dragon                       Menlo Park, CA
 Singe is a well built red-to-yellow fiery anthropomorphic dragon.
 He's on FurryMUCK. He's somewhat a furry artist, not really great
 though. He likes dragons and werewolves. He wishes he could code
 and track better. He's male in real life and also bisexual. He's
 18 years old. During school months, he lives in San Luis Obisbo, CA.

Slickpuppy (Kevin J. Mulder)
 Morphic Scruffymutt Dog           Westminster, MD USA
 Da Puppy is a 6' morphic Dog of questionable ancestry. He has dirty yellow fur
 and long, thick, shaggy hair, tied back into a ponytail that hangs to his waist.
 He has bright blue eyes, a wide silly grin, and is moderately muscular. He tends
 to wear black jeans and a matching tank-top. He's very sociable, loves hugs, and
 is a shameless and incorrigable bisexual flirt.  Kevin J. Mulder is an aspiring
 furry artist and pop-culture junkie, only slightly less silly than Slick himself.

Snortenheimer (Brett Tamahori)                 Webpage N/A
 Male Furry Dragon                 Wellington, New Zealand
 Snorty can be found on the space section of FurryMUCK,
 FurrySpaceMUCK, the OzFurry mailing list, and
 Brett Tamahori has managed to get himself a job designing web-pages.

Snowolf (Brian Kimmes)    
 Male Werewolf                     Hastings, Minnesota

Solomon (Mark Johnston)       
 Male Black Dragon                 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
 Solomon is usually OOC, and plans on doing RP or TP as soon as he
 gets around to it. No TS. He builds way too much for his own good.
 Solomon can be found on FurryMUCK, ShadowMUCK and PosiMUCK.

Sparky / Garcia                   Webpage N/A
 Male Dalmation                    Rochester, New York
 He can be found on FurryMUCK, TapestriesMUCK, and Yiffnet.

Scott "Spook" Brine (Chris Ings)              Webpage N/A
 Morphic Red Fox                   Michigan (USA) 
 Spook is 5'11" and 145lbs. Has a nice disposition, but silly at times.

Spray        Webpage N/A
 River Otter                       Cincinnati, Ohio
 Spray is a fun-loving young male otter. He's basically a furry 
 version of his player. He's into pretty much anything. He can 
 be found on FurryMUCK.

Spuds (David M. Dowdle)                 Webpage N/A
 Male Clouded Leopard              Union City, California
 Spuds is a non-anthro Clouded Leopard. He's 3.5 feet long with a 3 foot tail.
 About 50 pounds, he is a small cat, but agile and deadly having huge canines,
 like a saber-toothed tiger. Being wary, he constantly observes his surroundings.
 He has a faint disturbance in his fur, between his left ear and the base of his
 skull. He normally pads on all fours. He's a first generation Furry. The only
 changes from a normal leopard are intelligence, vocal cords, and versitile paws.

Srakkt (See SilverCat)

Stego (Ray)           Webpage N/A
 Evolved Bipedal Teal Stegosaur    Crestline, CA
 Stego's on FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, FluffMUCK and Virtual Surrealities.
 Check out his pinfo on FurryMUCK fur more detailed info.

- T -

Talisantia (Lynn Flanagan)        
 Shapeshifter                      Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Tali can be found on FurryMUCK and FurToonia. Sexual stuff is a no-no.
 RP is one thing Tali truly adores. In RL she's 21 and in a beautiful 
 relationship with her online mate. She answers to Tali just as readily
 IRL as online these days. Always looking for area furries to meet.
 Say hi sometime!

Taps (See Jazi)

Tentaclees / Alexandrvs / Harkone (Alexander Williams)     
 Hastur Avatar / Human / Feline    Lawrenceville, GA
 Find him on FurryMUCK and

Thumper (Bob)            Webpage N/A
 Lap Bunny                         Seattle, Washington
 A friendly bunny who's eternally searching for a lap to cuddle in!
 Can be found on FurryMUCK, FurToonia, and Unbridled Desires. Slips 
 IC and OOC without notice. Thumper is a 95% personal furry. See Thumper's 
 pinfo for other info. Thumper's player has no alternate characters.

Thunderstorm (Kelly Ast)          Webpage N/A
 Male Anthro Bengal Tiger          Wichita, Kansas
 Thunderstorm is a 10 foot tall anthro bengal tiger.  Look on FurryMuck for
 a more detailed description.  He can be found on FurryMuck, TigerMuck, and
 occasioningly on YiffNET.  He is always looking to meet new furs IRL or VR.
 Mosty OOC but is IC when you least expect it.  Has not had experience with
 TP's as of yet, but would like to change that in the future. Currently a
 freshmen at The Wichita State University.

Tikki / Rael (Scott Hagerman)          
 Male Vulpine / Female Lapine      Albquerque, NM
 Tikki is a red and white anthro-fox.  He's stands about 5'10".  He's rather
 quiet and laid-back. Rael is a pink anthro-bunny.  She's about 5' 5", she
 has blue-geen eyes and long blonde hair. She's very outgoing and flirtacious,
 but she's rather bitchy at times. Tikki is a personal furry. On the other
 hand, Rael is defintelly her own character. Rael also exists in an RL form,
 as a fursuit, see for yerself, she's got her own little section on the site.

TimeFox (See Fox Morrigan)


Tirran (Ron Orr)             Webpage N/A
 Manticore                         Magnetawan, Ontario, Canada
 Body of a lion, tail of a scorpion, face of a man; just y'r typical
 manticore. His fondest wish is to learn how to Shift into this form
 permanently. Married since 1980 (to a werewolf), two daughters (who
 might be) and no job...

Trel'la             Webpage N/A
 Hermaphrodite Ocelot              Akron, OH
 Shi's a hermaphrodite Ocelot, with long, black hair. Usually seen wearing
 a snug pullover, VERY snug shorts, and lace-up sandals. Loves to "play"
 on Tapestries, and can often be found dancing at Fox Plaza. Dangerous
 with a hula hoop! Would like to hear from other furs. Also on FurryMUCK
 and some furry newsgroups.

Tursi / Mist (M.Brent)        
 Male Dolphin / Lionmorph          Penticton, BC, Canada
 Tursi is mostly dolphin, but can move about on land. Also a personal fur.
 Mist is a dark-furred lion-morph who seeks an evil being who has cursed him.
 Usually IC. Mist and Tursi are on Furtoonia and SPR, Tursi on FurryMUCK only.
 Both open, male, and bi, Mist may be a little harder to get to, though. RL -
 Male, open and sorta bi. Wants to get a programming job down in California
 some day. Web page tells you all and more about him.

TwoPaws Foxrayne / Keio WhiteFang (Harlan M.)           Webpage N/A
 Male Arctic Fox / Arctic Wolf     Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
 TwoPaws is a playful teenage foxmorph who spends most of his time on
 IRC servers, and loves to snuggle..... Keio is his wolf side, and is
 less affectionate and silly than his vulpine counterpart.

Tygerlily                 Webpage N/A
 Female Tigress                     Flagstaff, AZ
 She is currently on FurryMUCK, FurryFuzz, Furtoonia, FluffMUCK, and 
 TigerMUCK. She's a 9ft tall, 600 lb tigress with long auburn hair,
 strong, yet very femme looking.

- U -

Ursula von Wasserturme / Margaret Mynque (Amanda Geyer)      
 Female Polar Bear / Mink          Los Angeles, California
 Ursula's a big happy polar bear, and Margaret is a smaller yiffy
 mink. Ursula and Margaret can be found on FurryMUCK. Amanda Geyer
 is married. Her artwork can be found linked to her home page. She's
 the one to email in regards to CF6 and CF7 cabaret tapes.

- V -

Valhal (See Aloyen)

Vandringar (Jim Pigtain)                Webpage N/A
 Male Gargoyle                     Santa Clara, California
 Vandringar is a 5 and a half foot tall dark green gargoyle. Look
 on Furrymuck for a more detailed description. He can be found on
 Furrymuck and Furtoonia. Also on the Herpetophile Mailing List.
 IRL he's Male, 23, Single, Artist, and very male biased. 

Vixy (Perri Marie Chiasson)     
 Anthro Fox-Wolf                   Baton Rouge, Louisiana
 Vixy is a human sized plantigrade fox/wolf hybrid. A bit tall for a female
 by human standards (5'11") but that just means there's more of her to enjoy.
 She fell in love with furrydom first when she saw Disney's "The Fox and the
 Hound". She grew up on a farm in the country with a sister and three brothers.
 She gained a healthy respect for nature because they practically lived in it
 not to mention off it.

Vulpin / Vulpis Secundis (Greg Eichner)                    Webpage N/A
 Male Fox                          Fremont, California
 Vulpin is a fox-morph. His fur is a deep red, except for his chest. The
 chest fur is a creamy white, leading to his crotch. His face looks very
 strong, as if he's been through a lot. He's on FurryMuck, FurToonia, SPR,
 Tapestries, A.F.F, and Bay Area Furries mailing list. He's bi, mostly OOC,
 but is a hedge mage IC. Also into role-playing games and meeting people.

- W -

WebKitty (See Shinchan)

Whitepelt (Markus Graffe)            Webpage N/A
 Male Arcticfox                    Muenster-Sarmsheim, Germany
 He can be found on FurryMUCK, SPR, FluffMUCK and the Eurofurry
 Mailing List.

Willysilver (Walter Morey)                 Webpage N/A
 Male Anthro Raccoon               Portland, Oregon
 Willy has silver and black fur, white hilights above eyes, rotund body, anthro.
 Will do almost anything once, if he likes it he'll do it again.  He's kinda shy
 at first but will open up for good conversation. Is only on FurryMUCK, but may
 be getting into SPR, Furtoonia, or other. Is just getting into drawing, see the
 wils.... series on Avatar ftp. Would like to meet other furries (or anyone) that
 lives nearby and chat online or RL. Born: 10-27-56.

Wind Dancer (See Scirocco)

WizardWolf (See Bungee)

Wolfie             Webpage N/A
 Male Winter Wolf                  Cincinnati, Ohio
 He's a silvery-furred anthropomorphic wolf, with dark eyes, a wry smile,
 and a gold hoop earring in his left ear. A gold dragon earring adorns his
 right ear. He can be found on FurryMUCK.

WolfWings / MneumenthName (Chris Armstrong)
 Male Dragon / Dragon              Lake Isabella, California
 WolfWings is a Grey Furry Shadow Dragon 6 ft. tall, 41 ft. tail.
 MneumenthName is a fully Robotic Vampire Storm Dragon 375 ft. long.
 Found on FurryMUCK, FurToonia, ShadowMUCK, DalNet, HML, and YiffNet.

- X -

Xao (Erik Kremsreiter)          Webpage N/A
 Silver DracoFeline                Lansing, Michigan
 Xao can be found on FurryMuck, Furtoonia, SPR, and Tapestries.
 Male (herm sometimes), loves to use chocolate for whatever purpose 
 suits his fancy. Check the wixxx for more. Very little RP. Loves males
 (would say 95% gay - 5% straight), gets into most everything RL that
 is on his wixxx, reads sci-fi, bikes, 'puters a lot, has a cat.

Xugumad / Creean (Ross Nicoll)
 Grey Squirrel                     Blairgowrie, Scotland
 Xugumad is a 5ft anthromorphic grey squirrel. He generally wears a 
 dark blue robe, which has a slit in the back for his tail.

- Y -

- Z -

Zoot (David Wahler)                  Webpage N/A
 Male Dragon                       Las Cruces or Albuquerque, New Mexico
 Zootinus SilverTooth, born of Scotish dragon descent, is only 400 
 years young. He's a four foot long purple heat generator, always
 up for good conversation. He can be found on Yiffnet IRC.

Zorin (John)      
 Morphic Lynx                      Miami, Florida
 Zorin is a morphic lynxie that tends to get himself into trouble a lot.
 He's got really thick greyish fur all over with speckles of black and
 grey, bright green eyes, and really fuzzy tufted ears. He likes spending
 time with his love Milva and raising havoc elsewhere when she's not on.
 He's on FluffMUCK, FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, SPR and FurryFuzz. IRL he's a
 computer science student at Florida International University.

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